[ in·sid·er trade ]
Insider is a term describing a director or senior officer of a publicly traded company, as well as any person or entity, that beneficially owns more than 10% of a company's voting shares. Insiders have to comply with strict disclosure requirements with regard to the sale or purchase of the shares of their company. 

10% Share holder increase his ownership of a surgical & medical instruments company

Neil Gagnon purchases 38,117 shares @ $4.52 per share for a total of $172,424.

Director increases his share of Biopharma company by 9 million shares.

Muneer Satter, a Director at Aileron Therapeutics, Inc., purchased $9,900,000 worth of stock and increasing his shares to 16,609,449.

Chief Medical Director buys shares of Biopharma company

Kenneth Pienta buys 2,720 shares of Cue Biopharma, Inc for $40,980

CEO of a Prosthetic & Surgical Appliances & Supplies company buys 808,204 shares to increase his holding 265%

Terry Rich buys 808,204 share of his company at a value of $1,212,306

CEO of educational services company buy 40,000 shares of company

Michael Ross Pope buys shares of company increasing his holdings to 287,942