[ in·sid·er trade ]
Insider is a term describing a director or senior officer of a publicly traded company, as well as any person or entity, that beneficially owns more than 10% of a company's voting shares. Insiders have to comply with strict disclosure requirements with regard to the sale or purchase of the shares of their company. 

CEO at a Consumer Non-Durables company buys 35,000 shares of his company increasing their holdings to 571,173

Thomas Harrington increased his position of Primo Water Corp by 35,000 shares this month.

CEO of a Capital Markets firm buys 33,095 shares in his company

Scott Bok buys 33,095 shares of his capital markets company totaling $493,420

CEO of the largest distributor of professional beauty products in the U.S. based on store count buys 10,000 shares of her company

Christina Brickman buys 10,000 shares of her Beauty Supply company for a value of $145,200 adding to her 450,000 shares owned

CEO at a Metals Company buys 5000 shares of their company increasing their holdings to over 526,000 shares.

Timothy Myers increased his position of Arconic Corp NYSE ARNC by 5000 shares this month.

Director of International transaction processing service buys 30,291 shares of company

Nkosi Monde buys 30,291 shares at $5.99 of company.

10% Share holder increase his ownership of a surgical & medical instruments company

Neil Gagnon purchases 38,117 shares @ $4.52 per share for a total of $172,424.

Director at a Technology Materials company buys 2,300 shares

Cynthia Jane Comparin, a Director a Universal Display Corp buys 2,300 shares

Director at mining company buys 3000 company shares in an open market transaction

Patrick Bartels buys 3000 shares of Arch Resources at $45.87 for a value of $137,595.

CEO of a Prosthetic & Surgical Appliances & Supplies company buys 808,204 shares to increase his holding 265%

Terry Rich buys 808,204 share of his company at a value of $1,212,306